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Fleet Management
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Fleet Management
We’re helping various B2B partners in transport and logistics industry by providing our seamless cellular solutions and tracking devices. Over the long years, we have collaborated with prominent commercial service providers who eager to reduce their biz risk and various costs throughout the entire transport chain.

We offer seamless connectivity to our individual customer across borders and remote areas. Our plenty of field experience would give you more insight for your business model development and customer maintenance services.
Fleet Management service
Here are some benefits of the Fleet Management services supported by our device

and solutions based on our dedicated engineering development.
  • Track and Trace the vehicle’s routes by GNSS(GPS/GLONASS/GALILEO/BEIDOU)
  • And better customer service providing real-time access about the location of their assets
  • More cost efficient management for work forces and employees
  • Acquire more control over drivers and vehicles
    Less time spent on predicting time of departure and arrival
  • Save on fuel consumption
  • Minimize delays on deliveries
  • Reduce road accidents and improve driving habits
  • Prevent dubious reporting and unauthorized use of vehicles
  • Track and recover lost vehicles
  • Lessen driver frustration while on the road, increasing employee satisfaction all around
  • Reduce insurance cost and lessen maintenance costs