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Smart Metering
Opening a gateway into Smart Energy Services
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Smart Metering

We provide our various form factors of embedded modules supporting LTE/3G/2G cellular networks to smart meter utility companies or AMI (Automatic Meter Infrastructure) manufacturers in Korea and many other overseas countries.

Automatic meter reading is one of the most cost-efficient way to collect accurate meter data based on actual consumption from millions of
meters run by specific electricity corporations, and our module’s cellular connectivity helps to manage energy production and distribution
more efficiently. It also gives utilities the ability to operate and upgrade every node remotely through cellular networks.

We are delivering more efficient solution by developing an interface board integrated with our cellular modules, customized for smart meters from our customers.

These are some typical AMI services and benefits through Smart Meter solutions around the Globe.

For Consumers
  • Historical data and real-time data sharing on energy consumption
  • Display through applications of energy consumption of household gas, electrical and water equipment
  • Multi tariff functions applicable to allow demand response techniques
  • Helping consumer to reduce costs by increasing energy consumption during off-peak cheaper tariff periods
For Utilities
  • Real-time meter data monitoring and its statistics
  • Various intelligent remote metering 24/7
  • Fault detection, self-healing, load balancing and more
  • Manageable production capacity based on real-time data on energy consumption and power supply quality